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I am Malavika. I am a poet, an artist and a part-time researcher. 

My artistic voice has been made by my Teachers and Editors (see home page for names, details and more information) who I have worked with; treating art as both material, economical and physical work. I find art flourishing when an other person or another soul is involved (as a fellow human being, as a muse, or as a collaborator).

I have a masters in English Studies from IIT-M and another in Creative Writing, Poetry from UEA. I manage my blog to write about the books I read and to publish reviews of interesting books other people read. 

In the further future, I hope to publish more of my poetry (I dont care about my own book). If you want to contact me, please send me an email at

Ocassiojnally I try to read my poems. I have read my poems at Poetry in Aldeburgh, Cafe Writers etc. I hail from Malabar (one can see the history maps of southern most India to locate the place) and is currently based in Norwich.

[Self portrait]
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