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1.1.Like Dostoyevsky, I was not born, I fell from the skies. Rushdie, Rushdie, Rushdie,

huh there you go yikes! All Cambridge graduates got a Rushdie on their shelf

I don't mind anyone having anything, just that I can't get Rushdie very much, by the way, help yourself do not stumble and

fall on your nose and embarrass yourself.

1.2. If you fall down, I won't pick you up and all, I will just stand and laugh ok.

Right now, focus here please- James M. Buchanan is a great writer.

Economist, yes, but his writing is beautiful. I have him covered on my desk.

American linguistics - American capitalists are better than American linguists.

1.3. Inherent Vice, Inherent Vice, ha! there you go. I have told you

this before I guess, I am a bit broke. I haven't bought colours

for a long now. But let me make this clear, as you walk into each

bookstore, each library, there is one book, or two, that is specific

2.1. to that one library, or that one bookstore - no one else has it as they do, that's

a little bit like Italo Calvino's poem on books, no one will have it for the same reasons

that they do. Temple architecture in India, James some guy, okay let's run, I literally ran. Now I am looking at Orhan Pamuk, my days and nights, home, the Prussian blue windows

2.2. as monsoons approach, the dark room upstairs, and the wooden panes -

I am a bit tired, so running, running running running, What I talk about running...

Murakami. Hey I have read this already, this is about the marathon, I am

a sprinter, not a long-distance one. And now it has been long since I have

2.3. beaten him or my father in that sport. I am a compact, shorty person,

I can only drive; the most compact in a short span of time, maximising crap

not a human of endurance. Bolt is perhaps the only gifted tall sprinter,

everyone else needs to make it up with gravity, bwoys!.

3.1. Tolstoy, William Blake, Keats, nah! I mean I would like something fun now, I liked

Anna, because she was fun, then I think Tolstoy goes a bit like Gandhi, they were

friends, although I like Gandhi, both of them are a bit meow meow about things.

Don't you know that the world is not going to change, stay inside your house please.

3.2. Keats, negative capability, brother! I move my eyes across, nah! I am not in the

mood. I shouldn't say this. Why are all things you write about you!? Hi, sir, wait a

minute, sit across from me, I will write about you and see what comes off (?) what say (?)

selfish! yes, George Eliot, George Eliot, selfish is the name given by those who don't

3.3. know what sacrifice means, mmuuaah!. See, see. That's Virginia Woolf right next,

okay I hear a lot about her every day, everyone speaks about her, I think

I will just walk past. It just means you prefer something over the other,

all your tall claims and justifications, it just doesn't matter. Who are you?

4.1. That's one deep dark matter, I am concerned about as well, Who am I?

One cannot love someone who doesn't have a self, or one can only love

someone who expresses their means to self, which one are you, asks 20th

century films. Ooo! Deep! so I place that back. Do people think through all this

4.2 when they love, people think anyway, so they might as well think all this, confusing,

ma ma mahesha! Dance when you are happy, Martha Graham. Dance in the library,

do some blasphemy, sh sh! don't tell this to people, this is my secret, I do

this when people leave during the night. I am not a troublemaker, yes, no troublemaker.

4.3. Yes thank you. Vuillard, William Blake as an artist, Picasso and Harlequin, I pick the last

one, at once I am in devotion, there is a heartfelt reverence, to Picasso of course. And I

keep that back, it is difficult to tear up, who am I (?) that's a question not-needed, that

I do not know, I have shed myself, like a snake moulting its skin. I am a solvent in this

laboratory of trials and voices and a faceless breathless life-like substance called books,

OOOO! I am deep as well now.

I disappear through all that long walk, I dissolve every now and then

a piece of me says hi to you.

Comic works: fresco and digital, photographs: my own.

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