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A little bit of SRK.

Hi everyone, how have you been, it has been some time isn't it? I haven't been feeling very well recently, and it was so bad, as I couldn't write a word. I couldn't sketch properly, I couldn't even get up and walk. As you all know already I am a bit tired, of all the running, the kind of my own life, my thin skin, my disappointments, my outbursts, all that I care about is myself, and unfortunately or fortunately, that has caused the most of troubles in my life. I have been spoken to about SRK quite a lot recently, by several different people, several different friends, from my father, my favourite person and more.

There are so many things in life we miss out on as we move from one place to another; we miss the people, we miss the weather, we miss the storm, the busyness, the freedom, but this place I am at is livable, inhabitable, which is a very good thing according to me. I have a short life span, an insect's span of life, so I will either wilt and wither soon, or I will live for a couple of years longer. For the past few days, I have been grappling with my father's memory and people's love for Shah Rukh Khan quite a lot. Let me share with you two songs of SRK that I swear by and the story in my life behind each of them.

  1. Chaiyya Chaiyya

Is there another ShahRukh Khan other than the ICONIC, THE PERFECT, THE MOST CHARMING SRK than the one from Chaiyya Chaiyya. He is too good to be true, young, fuming, hot, sexy, and shining in that jacket. I remember my father was on a tour to Bokharo, so the little me and my mother were left alone in our house, we waited days and days for his call, and we thought, we wished that he might call us in a couple of days, weeks, months, but there was none. And this was also the time we were in utter turmoil, there was a collapse, we didn't have money, and there were trespassers prosecuting us, there was a whole lot of hardship during that time. But despite all that, meeting our futile attempts at us waiting for a call - my father called. I remember running to pick up the phone, and he said "baby, I am fine, ask mother not to worry" and I ran back to inform my mother about this news. I am very attached to my father, an attachment that I could never see through since my childhood. I used to listen to a lot of these jukebox, old dooradarshan songs back then, and this song, would play then. See his energy, just look at it.

2. koi ladki hai

Another one of my classic favourites, and I first listened to this is at a time when I was obsessed with Madhuri Dixit; her happiness and her laughs. She looks as Indian as she does, and there is something very particular about her hair, which reminds me of my own hair. My father had a big crush on Madhuri (probably she was the dream of all Indian men during that time) very early on. My father was utterly happy about her, he thought she was graceful, that she was a pretty dancer and unlike other dancers, her happiness apparently radiated through her face for him. I was so biased towards Madhuri, a lot of us were, and particularly because my father was utterly fond of her.

Well, my point was, bear with me a bit, I am still recovering- there is something about ShahRukh Khan that makes him desirable for men (women yes, of course) mostly. It reminds them from time and again, that he is somebody that they couldn't be, there is something that really calls forth the attention when he is around, 170 cm tall, has a big nose, and he started off as a villain in the big bad industry of Bollywood. His rise somehow has been celebrated in the country as all of ours, each one of the common man's rise. Men desired SRK, and Women desired him too and still do, (just stroll around Mannat a couple of times in Bandra and take a look at that scale, that spectacle). What makes SRK an SRK is still a mystery to me, what did he do with a nation's masculinity, how did he toil it out, bring it to a plane, what exactly is so Indian about him, what is that freedom and what does freedom mean. And Chaiyya Chaiyya is a pleasure, I watch him jump, rise, dance and celebrate on top of a train, let's dance with him as well. Have a look, take some pleasure. Hope all of you have been doing good, and thanks for reading this blog, I am always full of gratitude, and I do feel a bit free :) .

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