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Baldwin is Baldwin as Baldwin is

Updated: May 21

A room full of racist people is a room full of racist people

Keep a lot of Baldwin with you, Baldwin standing, Baldwin speaking. Baldwin, his eyes full of rage, his eyes shining. If someone says is Baldwin the savior for all nonwhites just tell them yes, it indeed looks like that. Toni Morrison praising Baldwin all over, admiring his courage, her, saying how the questions she is posed with are not literary questions but sociological questions. Know all distinctions, what is literary, what is sociological, what is political, what is economical, what is anthropological, what is historical, and what is linguistic.

Baldwin looking at you as if he will burn you down. You don't need to know rules and that and this. It is all the same everywhere, you just figure it out, it is always written and recorded. If you have access, great, otherwise just find someone with access to the rule book. Adorable, peppy people share them with you. Sometimes, like Baldwin there is the mind, a way of standing in and thinking but bringing it out in speech. With such class, that even you didn't know this had to be said before it was spoken. I don't know how he does that but no wonder Toni Morrison admired him.

One needs to know who teams up with who, who will ignite what is cheap, who are sitting in a room speaking of things that will save them. Bless them! I can't imagine how horrible and how big a terror it is, for someone to dominate and affirm, repeatedly, for such validations to make you feel more powerful. What is inside you, a harrowed out soul or a drenched out self or even more a hollow casket? that you are better than them, by means of behavior, by means of creating the social air, then sanctioning it, later letting all that sink in. That's a live wire gone tripping in your head, seriously.

I don't understand why would anyone assume so much importance in anyone's life, why though?

All countries are not made because people speak the same language, so language is and was never a means for association, if it is becoming one there, then that ultimately wouldn't work, (I mean a lot of things won't work, but it's just that we all die, and we wont be there to watch most of what happens with the world, the world runs across us, it runs ahead of us. We keep figuring out future, only to find that we were homesick for our present. Humans push the war of 'we were here' go down, the real war is the war between all that is good) because there is always a better language. If you think you can only survive playing the exotic, it all comes to that, somebody subordinate to somebody subordinate to somebody

Do not break your ass in writing and dying and justifying. Do not do your writing like SOPs, statements of purpose and long charge sheet collections (it just doesn't help). Say one thing, it ain't a vegetable dish.

Just say sex, do not bend your nose saying desire, and love and body and all that, for sex just say sex.

Love other people. Respect time, short or long, it always matters.

Somebody said this, when Baldwin was photographed from Paris with his friend, young into his years, he never liked it, he had to justify himself, all the time, that he didn't want to be shot. There is something so unlike a writer about Baldwin, his body hasn't curved fully yet, hasn't boxed yet, he is short, his eyes are playing roundabouts, but still upright, out there, never without his class. Even with the way he turns, the air turns with him, and we stare in wonder. With all that we still wonder what did he do to language, what did he do with it.

Was Baldwin a writer as we think of a writer, whatta writer!

But a room full of racist people is a room full of racist people. Do not bend your nose around it.

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