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Three propositions and conclusion.

An adjective, we learn, is an attribute of the noun. The attributive adjectives (omitting the determiners, that, this etc.) follow a specific order before they attach to the noun. In English, these are opinion, size, shape or physical activity, age, colour, origin, material, qualifier/purpose. The word adjective, in the modern world, is similar to the noun, which I again do not prefer. What distinguishes them is perhaps how nominal are they, or how sure are they in defining and qualifying nomenclature. Nouns, I think, are stronger words establishing their relations (at least in English), and therefore adjectives are complex (the weaker, the complicated).

She is scared of intimacy. Why is she scared of intimacy? I went exploring why I dislike love. Is love intimacy, I think no. Is intimacy about falling in love, I think yes. If you fall and plop, you need to save your ass (please do that if you can). What is intimacy - as I went hunting for that word. In its roots, either inmost, or affection, or closeness, or cosy, or generally something that makes (usually two people) feel comfortable with each other, or the air, with which they can share whatever is the inmost. What is the inmost, is there an inmost. I don't have anything inmost. In and most can't be together in my world - Or I can't share what is inmost, for I move like a goblin, that constantly spheres colour, light, and dust. I am a spherical, moving, table lamp. Genuinely.

Adjectives and intimacy went for a walk. Adjectives are a basket, or adjectives are in a basket. Intimacy is sorting it out. What does intimacy know of adjectives? opinion: they are the opinion of the subject, size: one that the subject wants to see/ know, or the object prides itself, or is ashamed of itself, shape: anything capable of holding, sturdy, moving, physical activity: sex or sport maybe, age: time passing, for example, a quaint face shows more time passing than an innocent face, colour: I would like a peach on my face, origin: do not care, material: intimacy thinks, I want intimacy to think, qualifier/purpose: nothing.

Intimacy sleeps on the table, like a lady, a proper lady on her fiesta. Some European painter wandering around should paint her. Intimacy doesn't know you, intimacy only knows to make the air, that is what I am most scared of. Making air, making in-betweenness, making world. Where does that come from(?) What is that proprietorship (?) what is that privilege (?) A soul and safety invites you, what you speak, and blows away the rest, with indelible strength and kindness that you are in awe. Intimacy doesn't care, intimacy doesn't know the adjective. Intimacy is moral, love: blasphemous, attention: time, and conscientious: the field between love and agreement. If love were intimacy, if intimacy filled the field of love, I wouldn't have been able to count the flutter of wings. But that isn't possible, hence love becomes ethical, and intimacy profane.

Hence proved.

Where did adjectives go? I will hunt again.

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