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Death of Marat. A study.

Updated: May 23

Played with death, played with words, I have come to Marat

21st Century, this, is a big century, A little girl runs in Picasso's I have

come to Marat, All hail diagonals, this has brought me life, Marat

have I come, this is a red hand, and I with my cheap mettle I have

come to Marat, proved that proving talentless is not so worse, Marat

I have come, than being absorbed, given your soul to be tasted, I have

Marat come, I am Picasso's harlequin, the 21 st century capitalism, Marat

come have I, I can't leisure, for I am leisure, I decide which buttons I have

come to Marat, are to be opened, what shirt, who dies, and who kills Marat.

Marat, here I come, for I violently break your head into strokes, as mettle less

Here, I come for Marat, as it proves, do not look for meaning into all this

Marat come here, please, starting is not the same as ending, duh! do not look

Here, Marat, I come, for the difficult part a ghost in my room, I am no ghost, never was I

Marat, I come here, I am liberty at its best, I rivel in apropos, frivolity, that's my thing

Here, Marat I come for, all surface level things, tension surface level, scuba divers bubye

Marat, I here for come, life is a joke, learn to laugh at it, duh! I have gone a prophet, duh!

Ok!, I will tell this straight, I am bending into people, I am bending your hands

Marat Marat Marat Marat Marat

needs to be emptied, if I were in that room I would first burn that note, even if it was by you Marat Marat Marat Marat Marat

or by the killer, it doesn't matter, I will burn the note, for I am the authority that, dictator

Marat Marat Marat Marat Marat

I am the 21st century capitalism at its best, France changed to what! to rich by 19 th century?

Marat Marat Marat Marat Marat

19th Century, yeah? yeah I guess, or was it rich by then, who knows bleh! I reject time, flickering

Marat Marat Marat Marat Marat

if there were filters then, how would have you been painted, if you were clicked how would Picasso paint you

Marat Marat Marat Marat Marat

For photography there needs to be a record! what was the record, that was liberty I believe

For my convenience Marat Marat Marat

I have taken out fraternity, equality wasn’t there anyway, that was liberty I believe, what is liberty do you know, I am going to take out that note Marat Marat Marat

and give you a sanction of liberty, go, live your life, your skin, your skin, if you were clicked

your skin disease would show Marat Marat Marat

why are you not dotted, what is this drama, somebody barges into my room, just like I do into your death to take away the letter between your fingers.

Marat Marat Marat give it to me, you are safe here.

Yours is a room, wrecked.

Death of Marat, Jacques-Louis David, French Painter, 1793

My works: charcoal on paper + red filter.

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